Philadelphia Flash Users Group: Thanks for coming…

I just wanted to thank everyone who showed up for the Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group session this Thursday. It was a lot of fun for me and meeting so many Flash/Flex developers in the area was really cool. I was hoping to show a lot more code but the session seemed packed enough with just the overview of the Flex internals. CIM did record the whole session though and I’ll post a link to the video once we have it online. In the meanwhile, feel free to download the presentation here (pdf)

Special thanks to Rob for making this thing happen.

I am really excited about the new Flex User Group. I hope we can meet more often as a group. I am sure that we all have a truckload of questions about Flex and Apollo that we can help each other through.

Keep your eyes on CimLabs as we get ready to release Fan 4 beta and for more Flash and Flex goodness in the coming months.

  • Derek Wischusen

    Thank you for the excellent presentation and thanks to Comcast for providing a great meeting space.


  • Tony Profeta

    Yo Arpit,
    Are you and the team coming out to see Joey Lott at the User Group tomorrow night? I am meeting people at the clothes pin between 5:30 and 6pm tomorrow to catch the to the event septa 32. Hope to see you there.
    Tony Pro