[Video] DiggGraphr Desktop 1.0: My entry for the Air Derby

DiggGraphr is finally mature enough for me to give it 1.0 status. I finally got around to implementing the features I have been meaning to for a while, including auto update and inline browsing using the HTML control in AIR. The code for it wasnt difficult but the change in user experience is pretty phenomenal. You can read more about it and grab the latest version from http://www.arpitonline.com/blog/?page_id=63.

I captured a quick video of the application in action so take a look. Its grainy but you get the idea. You’ll have to download the app to check it out.

  • http://www.kevin-fitzpatrick.net/blog Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Dope as hell, man.

  • http://labs.flexcoders.nl Maikel Sibbald

    What are you using for the toolTip? Sticky tooltip?

  • http://www.arpitonline.com arpit

    Nope. When you create tooltips using ToolipManager.createToolTip(), you can actually get a reference to the UIComponent created. On mouseMove, I just move the position the component.