[Update 08.30.08: DiggGraphr Desktop is no longer supported as a downloadable app. Please check the web version here]

[Update 09.05.07: Version 1.0 is out. Includes auto updater and inline html control for browsing stories]

[Update: DiggGraphrDesktop has now been ported to AIR]

Welcome to the DiggGraphrDesktop application page. This page will briefly guide you through the feature available on the current version of the application.

Whats DiggGraphr Desktop?
DiggGraphr Desktop is a downloadable version of the DiggGraphr tool. Having it live on the user’s computer allows it to be customizable for the user much more than an online version would. While version 1 only brings minor customization features like the ability to choose the channels you are interested in, the refresh duration of the application and whether you are more interested in the source (dugg page) than the digg.com page, updates to this app will let you watch a story, user, etc. Plus, you get a lot more real estate without the browser chrome and the toolbars.

DiggGraphr is inspired by marumushi’s excellent newsmap tool but uses the treemap algorithm to render Digg stories. The size of each rectangle is proportional to the number of Diggs a story has gotten and as the stories get older, the colors fade to black.

1) Squarified Treemap Layout algorithm for most efficient space allocation


2) Create a custom page by choosing the channels you are interested in.
Click on the customize button and choose the channels you are interested in by selected the check boxes. Dismiss the customize screen by clicking customize button again and your new channels will be rendered.

3) A drop down list of all available channels makes access to other channels faster.


4) Dismiss a story from the layout
Is a particular story taking over most of the screen? Roll over the tile with your mouse and close the story by clicking on the close icon. The map redraws the other stories on the screen.

5) Customize your experience

Choose after how long should the application refresh itself. Should clicking on a tile bring up the Digg page or the dugg website? How many stories do you want to see at once?