Tips and Thoughts on Mobile WebVR Development

I have been involved in a few VR projects this last year. While the earlier prototypes used Unity as the development environment, some of the new ones use WebVR, an emerging web standard for VR development. WebVR, as opposed to native-app VR, does have a few advantages: JavaScript tooling is pretty good and getting better … Continue reading “Tips and Thoughts on Mobile WebVR Development”

Getting Started with Gear-VR Development

For the last 8 months, I have been working on VR prototypes for Comcast, one of which we showed off recently at the Cable Show and have been talking about at different conferences (you can see the deck here). We recently started adding some new faces to my team and so I figured it might be … Continue reading “Getting Started with Gear-VR Development”

Bringing Cable TV to VR (Slides)

  Yesterday Jack Zankowski (who leads the next gen UX at Comcast) and I gave a talk on the design and engineering challenges in building VR experiences for TV content at the WICT Tech It Out event at Villanova University. While there, we were also able to check out their pretty interesting VR cave as … Continue reading “Bringing Cable TV to VR (Slides)”

Congratulations to the CIM CrossPlatform team: Comcast’s MyDVRManager gets Gizmodo’d

There is a lot of blood sweat and tears behind this product, but its pretty satisfying when you see how much people like it. CIM’s MyDVRManager application for remotely managing your DVR hit Gizmodo yesterday. The service is being rolled out in phases and a good way to check if you may have access to … Continue reading “Congratulations to the CIM CrossPlatform team: Comcast’s MyDVRManager gets Gizmodo’d”


This page lists some of the talks I have presented in the last few years On the Intersection of Blockchains and Machine Learning – PHLAI 2021 AI and ML for the non-data-scientist – GDGPhilly – 2020 State of Blockchains in 2020 – Comcast Labs Tech Session – 2020 Building Emotionally Intelligent AI – PHLAI 2019 Diving … Continue reading “Talks”

2020 Retrospective

Between a global pandemic and a shocking display of the ugliest parts of human characteristics, 2020 will go down as one of the worst years to be around. Compared to some of the other heartbreaking stories I keep reading, my family and I were lucky to only be inconvenienced and not devastated by everything that … Continue reading “2020 Retrospective”

Thoughts on Web Conferences

Yesterday I attended the L3 AI online conference on digital assistants organized by RASA. I am still working on the notes from that conference that I’ll share here at some point but I was really pleasantly surprised by the format of the conference. While the current pandemic has forced a lot of conferences to go … Continue reading “Thoughts on Web Conferences”

2019 Retrospective Post

🙃 Can’t believe 2019 is over. Fun was had, life was lived. So let’s talk about it Tech Most of my work in 2019 was split between conversational technologies (bots and such), Flutter, some Machine Learning and finally some Blockchain stuff. So here is a quick recap of the year: 🤖 Chatbots I spent a … Continue reading “2019 Retrospective Post”