A Quick 2018 Retrospective

I am a little behind on my 2018 review, seeing that its almost mid Jan already. But better late than never, so here goes VR 2018 continued to be a year of tremendous education professionally. For a big part of the year I continued to work in the VR space, specifically using A-Frame and WebVR. … Continue reading “A Quick 2018 Retrospective”

2017 Retrospective

2017 was an intense year of learning for me. A change of charter for the labs group I work in late last year meant we focused deeper on core technology which was exciting as a technologist. This year that list included Unity, WebVR, Blender, React, React Native, Ruby on Rails and Blockchains (specifically Ethereum). Phew! … Continue reading “2017 Retrospective”

Notes from Oculus Connect 4

I had a great time last week attending Oculus Connect 4. Just like last year, the keynotes were really interesting and the sessions pretty informative. Here are some quick thoughts on the whole event: Oculus Go and Santa Cruz Oculus announced two new self contained headsets: the Go, a 3DoF inexpensive ($199) headset that will … Continue reading “Notes from Oculus Connect 4”

Gotchas with JavaScript Promises and Fetch

This year has definitely been one of “return to JavaScript” for me (among other things) and its really interesting to see how far it has come. Between Cloud Functions, complex client applications using React, native app development with React Native and now even using AFrame/ThreeJS for WebVR development, I have been writing a LOT of … Continue reading “Gotchas with JavaScript Promises and Fetch”

Thoughts on Google IO 2017

I spent this entire week in the west coast attending North America GDG Managers’ Summit and the I/O events. I am still processing some of the conversations from the Managers’ summit and how to use them to improve GDG Philadelphia that I help run so I’ll leave that to a future blog post so this … Continue reading “Thoughts on Google IO 2017”

Thoughts from Oculus Connect 3

For the last 3 days I have been at San Jose at the third official Oculus Connect conference (OC3) and its been amazing to see some of the prototypes, talk to a few developers and just learn from other folks who are charting the VR space. Its been an amazing mix of education and fun and … Continue reading “Thoughts from Oculus Connect 3”

Android: Implementing Touch Feedback on Views

One of the most commonly overlooked parts of building Android applications is touch feedback. While some views like Buttons have touch feedback built into them, thats not the case when using custom views. The Android Design Guidelines explicitly talk about the UX part of touch feedback and it was also discussed a while back on … Continue reading “Android: Implementing Touch Feedback on Views”