DiggMapper: Visualizing Digg data using Treemaps

This is definitely work in progress. I ported my treemap classes to the Flex framework and created this quick app that reads data from Digg. It doesnt automatically load data so click on one of the links above to get started. Rollover the rectangles to preview the story and click on them to launch the link. I just love the visualization since it makes so much more sense of the number of diggs than just the number on next to the story. For example the image below just underlines the importance of Halo3 in the gaming community so much more than seeing the number in a list (click to enlarge)

Digg game news at 9:30 EST

You can try the DiggMapper here. Its still incomplete but if you have any suggestions, please leave them as a comment

DiggMapper: Visualizing Digg data using Treemaps

6 thoughts on “DiggMapper: Visualizing Digg data using Treemaps

  1. Dana G says:

    Heya, Know you;re still working on it but u asked… the rollover still pops up on the right side of the pointer when I go to the right side of the screen – can’t read it all the juicy opening details of the open-to-all gmail story on the bottom right. Had to click. oh metrics are playing in my head (sung to raindrops are falling on my head) and that I will take as a sign I should go-to SLEEP. night!


  2. Ibrahim: I had moved the swf for a while and hadnt updated the url so sorry abt that.
    Dana: yeah i know…havent looked at the mx Tootip class to find out if I can cleanly position the tips the way flex components do by default.


  3. Uma Konappalli says:


    I am a Information Design Student from India. I was researching for some material regarding TreeMaps and I came across your blog. The DiggMapper application interested me. I do have a few questions related to the colours used.. I found that there was a repitition in the colours used in one particular category results. Is this to imply sub categorization in one category.. And if so.. what was the basis of the choice of colours used.. Please throw some light to this topic..



  4. Hi Uma,

    Right now there is no logic to the colors used. They are actually randomly picked from an array of colors. The goal of the code in this post was to demonstrate the algorithm that automatically computes areas based on weights. Using category and subcategory information to determine color values would definitely move DiggMapper closer to an application status than the experiment it is right now 🙂


  5. […] This is hilarious: I was followed a link off of metah’s blog to a java application called Google Browser by Touchgraph.which apparently maps how websites connect to each other. Of course, I tried it with this site and I saw a link from digg coming in. Following it I found that Brajeshwar had actually seeded my DiggMapper application. And in keeping with Murphy’s law, that was the night I moved some files around and actually blew the location of the swf the application was loading in. Hence most of the comments are “this sucks, it doesnt work at all !”. Either way, I did get a few diggs and hey, I formally have a dugg application . […]


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