PhlAI talk: Building AI with Emotional Intelligence

Last week I gave a talk at the PhlAI conference on building systems with emotional intelligence, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence called Affective Computing. The presentation is embedded below and can be found on my SpeakerDeck page

I have been looking into this space for the last 4 months or so and it is a really fascinating space. I am a big believer in the need for assistive systems to mediate an increasingly complex world for us and that these assistants would need to be not only competent but also empathetic. However as with most new technologies, Affective Computing has a lot of potential for abuse as well if these technologies are used to emotionally manipulate or deceive people. It is definitely a path we must tread very carefully.

In general I really did enjoy the PHLAI conference and met some really interesting people and saw some very impressive technical talks and demos by IBM, Tableau , H2O, SaS and Ascend. Thank you to the organizers for putting on a great event. Definitely looking forward to the next one!

Presentation: Introduction to React Native for Android

Last week I gave a quick presentation at Android Alliance Philly on React Native, Facebook’s new framework that lets you develop native mobile apps using JavaScript and JSX, a layout language modeled after HTML and CSS. The deck is embedded below:

All source code for the example project can be found on Github

Thanks to all who came out to the event.