Foiled !!!

This is why I don’t take long vacations ;). I just got back from a long one to discover every inch of my office covered in aluminum foil, courtesy Aaron( my manager, thats him in the black shirt) and a bunch of other developers. Apparently I got away easy since some of the other ideas were so much more…umm..creative :D.

I love working in a fun group.

[Update] And then there was the next year. I really gotta stop taking vacations 😉

Foiled !!!

5 thoughts on “Foiled !!!

  1. Yeah….we had some ideas. A weather balloon that expands when your door is opened. Post it note the entire room. Post it 75% of the room and then put some fake blood on your desk and a body outline where the person who was putting up the post its fell and hit his head and died. Among others.


  2. […] There are a lot of really cool projects coming out soon. If you are into flex, then you’ll love some of the new things that come out. In the meanwhile, keep your eyes on Oh and while you are at it, check out my previous entry on my return to work after vacation, just to show how crazy we really are . In the meanwhile if you are interested in joining my team, do drop me an email at arpit_mathur [ at ] […]


  3. […] Today I was riding the bus, and the guy next to me was doing a Sudoku* puzzle. Now, I’m not great at math, but I’m pretty good at puzzles, and logic puzzlesin particular, as long as they don’t involve paradoxes. The guy had one of those one-a-day calendars, except he was on March 20th and he was obviously struggling. I had figured out the upper-most row and the right-most column when I realized that he was working on the same section.Now, I pride myself in my ability to read newspaper headlines, upside-down, two seats away without calling attention to myself. But here the guy was sitting right next to me and I saw that if I whispered nine to him, he would get both lines of numbers.And then a little voice inside my head whispered: Don’t do it! He obviously works hard at this and wants to get it by himself. Then I considered writing it in for him. Whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, it’s not your stop yet, and you don’t want to be sitting next to him when he looks up at you puzzled. Then what should I do? How about asking him if he wants the answer?Now, thinking all takes place in a split-second, and the description of sudoku didn’t actually happen, so he was still working on the answer when the doors opened. My little voice was wrong: It was my stop. As I rushed off, I shouted behind me: It’s a nine!I still don’t know if he heard me, but I felt content for some reason. Maybe human nature is bent towards helping people? Naw. • • • For some reason, I completely forgot about April Fools until this article popped up. I considered pulling some of these on friends, until I remembered that I myself am easily scared and would prefer not to have retaliation forced upon me in the form of jumping out of a closet. The last time someone did that, we both ended up on the floor. From me punching him, as a reflex. And then tripping. But computer pranks are always funny, because the reversible ones don’t cause pain, just minor frustration. Like filling up an office with boxes, or cardboarding everything.And then there’s real nerd pranks. Like installing the Blue Screen of Death Screensaver, or the Tin Foil, or the command-option-ctrl-8 on a mac, (same to get it back) or the option-ctrl-(arrow keys) on a windows. (reverse to get it back) It screws with the screen.But that’s just for us nerds. Serious pranksters will consider balloons, or a little tape over an optical mouse, or just removing the mouse ball. Enjoy the fun!Of course, this posted at Eight-o clock, April Fools day is nearly over. I guess I should have thought that out. Sorry. […]


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