My entry for the Digg API contest: DiggGraphr Desktop

I just submitted by entry for the Digg API contest. Building on my earlier DiggGraphr tool, I was fairly easily able to port it to Apollo. I even added some customization features, like refresh interval and stuff. For more details on the application, check out the application page here. Feedback is always welcome 🙂

PS, it took me a while understanding some file metaphors that apollo has. So this is just the first version of the application. Hopefully, I will add more features to it soon :).

Author: Arpit Mathur

Arpit Mathur is a Principal Engineer at Comcast Labs where he is currently working on a variety of topics including Machine Learning, Affective Computing, and Blockchain applications. Arpit has also worked extensively on Android and iOS applications, Virtual Reality apps as well as with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and Ruby on Rails. He also spent a couple of years in the User Experience team as a Creative Technologist.

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