I am a chronic doodler, and have always struggled to keep my notebooks clear of doodles and seem more “information heavy”. So watching this video was quite an eye opener:

Another link from Time here goes deeper into a study that shows how doodling actually helps you pay attention!

If you really enjoy doodling, I strongly recommend Doodler’s Anonymous, pretty much the definitive blog on doodling. Their post on Netflix Envelope Doodles is just amazing and on my permanent list on links for when I need some creative inspiration.

Netflix Envelope Doodles“This movie sucked.” – is my favorite. I’ll draw something up and add to this fun collection. I like Jovino’s robot too. Reminds me of a killer cyborg version of a British postbox! 😀 I wonder what would happen if an envelope was to be intentionally placed where a phone-doodler could find it and absentmindedly cover it up with subconscious doodles…

Embedly Powered

Pity the domain is owned by a web app that has nothing to do with doodling in the artistic sense (but still a fantastic app that I use quite often). Would love to see Quasimondo’s ScribberToo app there 🙂

Author: Arpit Mathur

Arpit Mathur is a Principal Software Engineer at Comcast Labs where he is currently working on Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as investigating Blockchains and the decentralized internet.

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